Smart Content

What is really relevant to your stakeholders? Together we will find out. And we will approach them with the right content and with stories they are interested in. Our agile approach and continuous measuring makes sure we always deliver the right content to the right person on the right channel.



Knowing your target audience and their preferences defines the topics and channels of your active communication. 

  • KPI
  • Basis
  • Lead
  • Content
  • Channel



We support you in creating content in every format and for every channel. Optimizing it for search engines comes natural to us and is simply a must-have these days.




Managing all the possible channels manually and individually takes a lot of time and energy. We help you to define and set up tools and systems to facilitate your communication.

  • System-Consulting
  • System-Implementation 



Being a small team, organizing your communication activities is quite easy. Once you start growing, clear processes and responsibilities are necessary for a streamlined company.

  • Technical support
  • Organizational structure
  • Editorial management





Every activity and campaign performed has to be measured and monitored – to continuously adapt and improve your activities. 

  • Topic observation
  • Success measurement
Smart Content_Measuring.png