How to communicate your story to the world in a compelling way? What channels to use and why? How much it costs to bring 1000 active users to my (d)app? If you are looking for answers, you found the right partner!

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Content and Communication Strategy

We help you develop strategic view on what and how you should be communicating at specific stage of your startup`s development. Depending on your business and product needs communication differs. We are here to help understand and address needs of customers, partners, users, investors.


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If it`s a website, a video, a set of images, a pitch deck or even a flyer – we design and produce all assets needed for your business to run smoothly and represent you and your vision at any occasion.


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From PR, content marketing, community management to marketing campaigns – we plan, deliver and optimize all your communication efforts. If you are preparing for financing round we support you with investor relations, roadshows to working directly with KOLs & influencers. If you are announcing your MVP launch we advise on which channels to use and how to position your message in key media outlets. Every activity is carefully measured and optimised towards the KPIs we set for it.