Content Marketing 


Reaching your target audience is getting harder and harder these days, as people are deciding themselves what they are reading and noticing and what not. So how are they going to notice you? By providing relevant content, you can position yourself as a thought leader in the topics relevant to your business and in this way get discovered by the targeted audience.



Digital Campaigns 

Nobody likes pop-up banners and ads, there’s no one denying that. But a presence of your brand or product in the right environment and at the right time might spark some interest with potential customers. And you definitely want to be appearing prominently, when someone from your target audience searches for things related to your brand online.




There are many challenges these days in e-mail-marketing. By using todays technologies and tools, you can leverage marketing intelligence and automization to personalize your e-mail communication with your customers and peers.  



Bounty Program 

An integral part of a successful marketing or ICO campaign is including the community in the whole process and thus leveraging the power of internet-based platforms. A well-orchestrated bounty program helps you increase word-of-mouth advertising which leads to increased sales.


Sales Optimization 

Leads are generated with every communicative activity by your brand. We help you better understand, define and optimize your sales funnel, whereas the ultimate goal is always to convert the lead into a buyer or supporter.